•  Market information
  • Orders and Padding Orders (Stop & Limit)
  • 8 kinds of padding by trend line
  • Specifications and Margin Calculation Required by Buy or Sell
  • Calculate and determine Stop Loss by pip, currency pair price, monetary value and percentage of risk.
  • Calculate and determine the take profit by pip, the price of the currency pair, monetary value
  • Calculate the percentage of risk and determine the volume of the transaction
  • Trilling Stop
  • Fast closing of Sell Buy, Positions in Profit, Positions in Loss, All Positions (In Currency Pairs or Account)
  • Close positions automatically (all positions of the account, all buy position, all sell position, all the pair currencies positions)
  • Close positions by correlation method
  • Displaying and comparing the amount of currencies in relation to other currencies.
  • Show daily pivots
  • Show Signals, BAR, Moving AV 8 & 12, RSI, Stochastic, MCDE, ADX, CCI, DeMarker





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