Copy Trade

COPY TRADE is completely automatic, yet you can edit all its settings. It is also very practical and user-friendly.

Important characteristics

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Pre-purchase consultation

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Customization capability

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Permanent update

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A brief glance

Make your mind at ease with automatic tools.

In today’s world where all systems operate automatically, traders must also update themselves and optimize their trading processes according to the trend of developments. Rise Group has always strived to provide its users with efficient and flawless tools, so they can confidently delegate some of their trading tasks to these programs and make the most of their valuable time. Nowadays, with the rapid growth in the field of algorithmic trading, the use of smart programs has become a fundamental facility for all traders. In this regard, Rise Group, with the strength and support of its team, has created these efficient and beneficial tools for the comfort of its users.

Why this product?

Prominent features of the product

Copy trading tool is a special product for copying trades in several other accounts, there is no limitation in the type of position, type of account, and version of MetaTrader.

Fully automatic

Any change in the main account affects the copied accounts.

Copy orders from your main account to any number of other accounts.

Multiple methods, opening and closing, and position latex calculations.

Unrestricted user addition

MetaTrader 4 and 5

This program is designed for MetaTrader 4 and 5.


The program is written as an expert.


Positions in the main account are sent without any interference.


Execution requires a personal computer or VPS.

Video product

Product Description

Unrestricted user addition

Customizable limits for each user (profit amount and currency pair)

Four lot modes: Balance Percentage, Fixed, Equal, Multiply

Fixed mode

Any amount or order size opened in the main account is opened in the copy account, only in the amount you specify and prefer.

Equal mode

Any amount or order size opened in the main account is opened in the copy account in the same amount.

Balance Percentage mode

Any amount or order size opened in the main account will open orders in the copy account relative to the balance in the copy account.

Multiply mode

You can specify what multiple of the order from the main account to open in the copy account.

Instant and delay-free orders.
Setting custom SL or TP.
Changing orders at any time.

Every time a change is made in the main account, the copy orders automatically change.

Instant or pending orders.

This product has two versions.

Version one
For the main account and accounts where positions are copied, an expert is needed. Accounts where copying is done must be connected to the internet.

Version two
In this version, there is only one expert on the main account. The rest of the accounts do not need any program, and they do not even need to be connected to the internet.

Price lists

To purchase, select one of the available plans and message support. Customized programs will have additional costs to the existing prices.

Version 2

Once payment500USD

Version 2

  • Permanent support
  • Permanent update

Version 1


Version 1

  • 1-year support
  • One-year update

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Frequently Asked Questions

aExperts are programs that automatically trade on your behalf, and indicators are signals that are displayed on the chart and inform you when to buy and sell.

aThe download link will be displayed after purchase, and will also be sent directly to you via email, or by support.

aInstalling our experts/indicators is very easy, there are two methods for installation, using the provided Pdf guide, or using the installation tutorial videos provided on our website.

aExperts can only be installed on the MetaTrader 4 or 5 program on a computer, but it can be monitored using a smartphone.

aYes, several indicators/utilities can be used in a user account.

aYou can have one or more accounts for the product you purchase, and you can always contact support to change your account.

aNo, each key is specific to the type of account provided, for that key only.

aEach of the experts includes different currency pairs based on the settings applied, which will be provided to you in the user guide after purchase. However, indicators and utilities are applicable on all currencies.

aOur products are supported by all brokerages.


Experts/indicators/utilities may not execute any trades for various reasons.

1) “Allow live trading” is not marked in the Common section.

2) The “Auto trading” button on the top bar is off.

3) The predefined files have not been installed correctly.

4) The market is closed on weekends.

5) You have not entered the user/password correctly.

6) You are mistakenly using another account with a different MT4 number than the one activated for you by our company.

aAfter purchasing the product, you should send your purchase receipt along with your account number to our support. Your account will be activated in less than 24 hours and sent to you via email.