About us

Founded: 2002

Our story

Rise Group was initially founded by Mr. Engineer Hossein Ahmadi, focusing on teaching programming languages specific to financial markets and developing financial software. To support students, our team decided to offer specialized training in financial market programming through another website within the Iran MQL site. If you are also a student of Mr. Hossein Ahmadi, you can follow the programming tutorials on the Iran MQL website.

Why our choice

Time and cost saving with Rise Group trainings.

Rise Group objective

Rise Group Fx has started its activities with the aim of producing software and training related to financial markets. Rice Group's financial market software is designed to assist financial market participants.

We are committed to supporting you.

Rise Group has started its activities with the aim of producing software and training related to financial markets. Rise Group's financial market software is produced to assist market participants.

24/7 Online Support

The Rise Group team provides proper and professional support for all of its products and considers this as part of its commitments.


Unfortunately, it is very common for individuals to misuse the name or logo of this group for various activities and to take advantage of market actors. The Rais Group operates on this website as well as Telegram channels, YouTube, and Instagram with the addresses provided on this page. Therefore, do not trust anyone who uses our name or logo outside of this framework.

A brief look

Relax your mind with automatic tools.

In today’s world where all systems operate automatically, traders also need to update themselves and optimize their trading processes according to the evolving trends. Rise Group has always strived to provide its users with efficient and flawless tools, allowing them to confidently delegate part of their trading tasks to these programs and make the most of their valuable time. Nowadays, with the rapid growth in algorithmic trading, the use of smart programs has become a fundamental facility for all traders. In this context, Rise Group, with the strength and support of its team, has taken steps to create these efficient and useful tools for the comfort of its users.