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MQL4, MQL5, cAlgo, and Python are languages that are widely used in domestic and global financial markets. Rice Group has taken a significant step in enhancing the knowledge level of professionals in this field by launching the specialized website IranMQL.com and publishing articles on this site. With the approaches of the Rice Group team, the website www.iranmql.com has transformed into a professional educational reference at the global level for programming enthusiasts.

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In today’s world where all systems operate automatically, traders also need to update themselves and optimize their trading processes in line with the evolving trends. Rise Group has always strived to provide efficient and flawless tools for its users to confidently delegate a part of their trading activities to programs and make the most of their valuable time. Nowadays, with rapid growth in algorithmic trading, the use of smart programs has become a fundamental feature for all traders. In this regard, Rise Group, with the strength and support of its team, has actively created these efficient and beneficial tools for the well-being of its users.

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