Indicator execution training

After downloading the indicator file, first enter

From the menu    File => Open Data Folder 

آموزش اجرای اندیکاتور

After selection, this folder will be opened for you

Enter the folders like this:

For Metatrader 4:

MQL4 => Indicators

For Metatrader 5:

MQL5 => Indicators

Copy the program file in this branch and go to Metatrader.
In Metatrader, in the Navigator window , right-click the mouse and then click Refresh , after these steps you can see the desired program in the list.

آموزش اجرای اندیکاتور برای متاتریدر4 و متاتریدر 5

If you do not see the Navigator window:

Follow this picture or  press Ctrl+N

To run the program:

Edit text editor Drag your program with the mouse and drop it on the chart. Then click ok.

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