Frequently Asked Questions

AExperts are programs that automatically trade on your behalf, and indicators are signals that are displayed on the chart and inform you when to buy and sell.

AThe download link will be displayed to you after purchase, and will also be sent to you directly via email, or by support.

AInstalling our experts/indicators is very easy, there are two methods for installation, either using the provided Pdf guide, or by using the installation tutorial videos provided on our website.

AExperts can only be installed on the MetaTrader 4 or 5 program on a computer, but they can be monitored using a smartphone.

AYes, several indicators/utilities can be used in one account.

ADepending on the product you purchase, you can have one or several accounts, and you can always change your account through support.

ANo, each key is specific to the type of account offered, for that same key.

AEach expert includes different currency pairs based on the settings applied, which will be provided to you in the user guide after purchase. However, indicators and utilities can be applied to all currencies.

AOur products are supported by all brokerages.

AIt is possible that experts/indicators/utilities may not execute any trades for various reasons.

1) “Allow live trading” is not checked in the Common section.

2) The auto trading button in the top toolbar is turned off.

3) Pre-defined files are not installed correctly.

4) The market is closed on weekends.

5) You have not entered the correct username/password.

6) You are accidentally using a different account with a different MT4 number (different from the one activated for you by our company).

AAfter purchasing the product, you must send your purchase receipt along with your account number to our support. Your account will be activated in less than 24 hours and will be sent to you via email.

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