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In today’s world, where all systems operate automatically, traders also need to update themselves and optimize their trading processes to keep up with the evolving trends. RISE Group has always strived to provide efficient and flawless tools for its users to confidently delegate a part of their trading tasks to programs and make the most of their valuable time. Nowadays, with the rapid growth of algorithmic trading, the use of intelligent software has become a fundamental feature for all traders. In this regard, RISE Group, with the strength of its team, has made efforts to create these efficient and useful tools for the well-being of its users.

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Prominent product features

The Martingale expert advisor is not just a Martingale tool. Instead, it is an auxiliary tool for you to fully and automatically manage your orders.

Next order management

Opening new orders or repeating orders

Closing an order with a specific amount of profit or loss.

Multiple methods, opening and closing, position calculations.

Testing various martingale strategies in backtest, demo, and live market.

MetaTrader 4

This program is designed for MetaTrader 4.


The program has been written as an expert


To open a position and set up, it requires a human.


To run, it requires a personal computer or VPS.

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Product panel description Martingale (Martingale expert)

Familiarization with Martingale

Dear companions of the Rice Group website, we are here with you to introduce our own Martingale tool or expert in simple language. For this purpose, we first need to answer questions such as: What is Martingale, what does Martingale mean, the meaning of the word Martingale, the concept of Martingale, and the definition of Martingale to you, and acquaint you more with this concept. Stay with us.

اکسپرت مارتینگل

What is Martingale? The meaning of the word Martingale and the definition of the Martingale concept in Forex.

Martingale is actually a very old betting method that entered the field of capital markets and commerce, where it underwent changes, expansion, and development. This method was originally used by professionals in various betting scenarios who were usually looking for a reliable way with very low risk that would guarantee them profit.

Where does the theory or method of martingale come from?

The Martingale theory, a trading method or strategy, was initially popularized among gamblers and professional bettors by a French mathematician named Paul Pierre Levy. Later on, an American named Joseph Doob further developed and better introduced this method.

How does the Martingale system work?

The Martingale method is actually an investment or betting strategy based on the theory of engaging more capital after an initial loss and waiting to compensate for the loss in the future. An investor using this method should double the volume of their investment in the deal in case of facing a loss.

Martingale strategy in Forex (Martingale steps or Martingale calculation formula)

Step 1: Imagine entering a position with a lot size (Lot) and setting a profit target of 10 pips and a stop loss of 10 pips.

Step 2: At this point, if the market moves against your expectations and you incur a 10-pip loss, you should start a new position in the same direction using the Martingale method, but with double the lot size, which is 2 lots. Maintain the same profit target and stop loss of 10 pips.

Step 3: Now, you need to wait and see the outcome of this trade. If this position ends in a profit, you have not only covered the loss from the previous trade but also gained a profit of the same amount! However, if this doesn’t happen, you should once again follow the Martingale method and take a position with double the lot size of the recent trade, with the same 10-pip profit target and stop loss.

Note that with this approach, as you progress through the steps, the capital involved in the trades increases incrementally, and the profit and loss values also increase accordingly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

aExperts are programs that automatically trade on your behalf, and indicators are signals that are displayed on the chart and inform you when to buy and sell.

aThe download link will be displayed after purchase, and will also be sent directly to you via email, or by support.

aInstalling our experts/indicators is very easy, there are two methods for installation, using the provided Pdf guide, or using the installation tutorial videos provided on our website.

aExperts can only be installed on the MetaTrader 4 or 5 program on a computer, but it can be monitored using a smartphone.

aYes, several indicators/utilities can be used in a user account.

aYou can have one or more accounts for the product you purchase, and you can always contact support to change your account.

aNo, each key is specific to the type of account provided, for that key only.

aEach of the experts includes different currency pairs based on the settings applied, which will be provided to you in the user guide after purchase. However, indicators and utilities are applicable on all currencies.

aOur products are supported by all brokerages.


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4) The market is closed on weekends.

5) You have not entered the user/password correctly.

6) You are mistakenly using another account with a different MT4 number than the one activated for you by our company.

aAfter purchasing the product, you should send your purchase receipt along with your account number to our support. Your account will be activated in less than 24 hours and sent to you via email.