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Ease your mind with automatic tools

In today’s world where all systems operate automatically, traders must also update themselves and optimize their trading processes in line with the trend of developments. RISE Group has always strived to provide efficient and flawless tools for its users to confidently delegate a part of their trading activities to programs and make the most of their valuable time. Nowadays, with the rapid growth in algorithmic trading, the use of intelligent programs has become a fundamental feature for all traders. In this regard, RISE Group, with the strength and support of its team, has worked vigorously to create these efficient and useful tools for the well-being of its users.

Why this product?

Prominent features of the product

This tool performs the necessary calculations for each transaction and manages your market process and inventory.

Performing Lot calculations.

Financial management with TP and SL.

Position management

Market trend analysis

MetaTrader 4

This program is designed for MetaTrader 4.


The program has been written as an expert


To open a position and set up, it requires a human.


To run, it requires a personal computer or VPS.

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Capital management expert is and what assistance to traders provides?

Capital management expert, a software or trading robot that assists traders in managing their capital and reducing trading risk. This expert helps traders control their trading risk by calculating trade volume based on a fixed or percentage risk of capital.

To prevent irreparable losses, these experts are usually available through trading platforms like MetaTrader 4 and 5. Capital management experts provide significant assistance to traders and, in general, have many benefits that we will discuss.

  • Increasing transaction execution speed: The capital calculations expert informs traders precisely and reduces the time required for analysis and execution of transactions. This action helps traders reduce the stress and pressure associated with trading, allowing them to make decisions and execute them more quickly.
  • Optimal Capital Utilization: Traders can optimize their transaction costs using capital management experts, as they can prevent heavy and irrecoverable losses.
    This prediction causes traders to reserve their capital for future trades.

کارایی اکسپرت مدیریت سرمایه

  • Improving Trader Performance: This expert helps control trading risks, aiding traders in improving their performance and increasing their chances of success. Traders, by using this tool correctly, can achieve higher profits in their trades and will have better results through capital management with the help of an expert.
  • Reducing trading risk: Using capital management experts allows traders to define their stop-loss and prevent large losses. When trading risk is reduced, individuals gain more capital preservation and also avoid major financial risks.

Introducing the best capital management expert.

The group leader has provided a product in this area. This tool is very powerful and efficient, helping traders manage their trades accurately and benefit from its prominent features.

The best capital management expert at Rise Group examines the calculations of trading lots and assists traders by providing accurate information to predict market trends and manage their portfolios optimally. The financial management capability of this Rise Group expert allows traders to control their trade risks by setting Take Profit and Stop Loss levels, helping them get closer to the results they desire from the market.

معرفی بهترین اکسپرت مدیریت سرمایه

“Through position management, the expert assists traders in managing their entries and exits in the market and improving the results obtained from their trades. Additionally, with the ability to recognize market trends, traders can make decisions based on the current market conditions.”

“The best capital management expert advisor for MetaTrader 4 has been created by Raice Group. To use this product, the trader only needs to intervene to open positions and make necessary settings. To run the expert advisor, a personal computer or VPS is required.”

Benefits of using capital management experts

Using capital management experts allows traders to improve their risk management intelligently and without the need for detailed analysis. This tool not only saves time and energy but also executes trades without the influence of human emotions, including fear and greed, which can impact trading results.

Using capital management expert traders no longer need to predict market trends or perform complex analyses. The expert utilizes various information, including trading accounts and indicators, and analyzes this information based on advanced algorithms. Another extraordinary advantage of this tool is the ability to test strategies in the historical market.

Traders can improve their strategies by reviewing market history and testing different models, allowing them to trade with more confidence. This capability gives traders the assurance that their chosen strategy will perform well in various market conditions. In general, some of the main advantages of this tool include flexibility, reducing the negative impact of emotions, saving time and energy, managing multiple accounts simultaneously, identifying market trends, managing position sizing, and more.

Risk and Capital Management in Metatrader

Risk and capital management in MetaTrader is one of the most fundamental elements for traders’ success. For greater efficiency and maintaining stability in financial transactions, expertise in capital management appears as a crucial tool. This tool, with the capability of precise trade size calculations, financial management using Take Profit and Stop Loss levels, and position optimization, helps traders carefully adjust their trade settings and achieve higher profits.

This expert assists traders in decision-making and selecting appropriate strategies by detecting market trends. In general, using capital management experts in MetaTrader helps improve trade performance, optimize risk management, and preserve capital.

Installation procedure for capital management expert.

To install and run the capital management expert, simply go to the File menu, navigate to the Open Data Folder section, open the Mql4 folder in the window that appears, and enter the Experts folder. Copy the file “rise-panel.ex4.” Finally, copy the expert file to the specified address. The expert will be displayed in the Experst category in the Nav section (as “rise-panel”).

If you didn’t see the panel in this section, right-click, then click the refresh option. To add the panel, simply drag and drop it onto the chart page. In the opened page, make sure to check the “Allow live trading” option under the Common tab. Finally, click OK, and if you see a smiling face emoji at the top right of the chart, it means you have followed the correct path. Therefore, the panel has been executed correctly for you.

نحوه نصب اکسپرت مدیریت سرمایه

How capital management experts work

To start, on the left side of your chart, you see three sections: order, closing, indicators.

Teaching the order section of expert capital management.

The “Order” section is related to opening transactions in the sale and purchase domain, which you can easily enter by pressing the relevant button. Below, you can find information such as the swap rates for buying and selling, pip value, free margin, etc., which will vary depending on the lot size. Further down, there are options for stop loss settings, which you can use to determine the loss limit in different scenarios.

You also see the “Take profit” section, which is used to determine your profit target in the trade and can be set in four different ways. In the Line Order section, you have four choices and can choose to enter a buy or sell trade when the price reaches N or when the candlestick goes beyond that price range.

Like the previous section, in this section, you can determine the stop-loss and take-profit levels and enter into a trade, but the difference between these two sections is that after determining the different parts of the trade, you can go to the chart and draw a line. When the price reaches the range of your line, you will enter the trade.

Closing section of Capital Management Expert training

This panel is for exiting trades and provides you with several different methods. In the first part, all your buy trades will be closed. The second part is for exiting sell trades, which you can do by selecting the Close option. The third part is related to trades that are in a loss. The fourth part is related to your profit trades, and the last part is for closing all trades.

Be aware that you can choose your trade categories from the top tab of the capital management expert, or leave it on the Any tab for all trades. At the bottom, you will come across the Closing Auto option section, where you can define conditions for trades to automatically close if they are met.

In the first part of this section, you can specify the conditions under which your sell transactions will be automatically closed. To do this, simply define the relevant values and press the corresponding button to change it to the Active mode. In the next section, named Correla Auto close, you can enter two currency pairs of your choice and set your profit limit, so that your transactions for the two selected currency pairs will be closed once this limit is reached

Teaching the Indicators section of Capital Management Expert.

In the third tab, we reach the Indicators section. In the first part of this section, there are Pivots that will change color to red (bear market) or green (bull market) depending on the market trend. In the second part, you can see information for different time frames such as fifteen minutes and thirty minutes, which provide you with buy and sell signals based on the market trend.

Press the flash symbol to change the frame time, and different frame times will be displayed for you. Buy or sell based on the signals received from the indicators.

نحوه کار اکسپرت مدیریت سرمایه

Installation tutorial for MetaTrader 4 and 5 capital management expert advisor.

Please note that the steps we will discuss are generally applicable to all experts. If you are looking for instructions on how to install the Capital Management Expert by Rais Group, we have explained it a bit further above. For installing an expert in MetaTrader 4 and 5, the best solution is as follows:

  • Right-click on your Expert file and select the Copy option.
  • Then open your MetaTrader and select the Open data folder option from the File menu to enter the MQL4 folder.
  • In this folder, open the “Expert” option and in an empty area of the folder, right-click and select the “Paste” option to move the expert file to this folder.
  • Then, return to the Metatrader and select the Navigator tab.
  • In the Navigator section, right-click on the Expert Advisors option and select the Refresh option.

Now your expert has been added to the list of expert advisors. To activate the expert, click on it twice. Then, go to the Auto Trading tab in MetaTrader and click on it. Make sure that the red light of this option has turned green.

By completing these steps, the capital management expert will be activated on your account and will assist in better capital and risk management of your transactions. This method is one of the common methods of installing an expert on MetaTrader 4 and 5.

Resolution of capital management expert’s issue for MetaTrader

If you have run the expert as we have instructed in the capital management installation section, but it did not display, right-click. After right-clicking, click on the refresh option. After doing what we said, it will display correctly. If you have run the expert but it is not working, you probably have not confirmed the “Allow live trading” option.

Always remember to confirm the “Allow live trading” option for the expert to work correctly. If you have followed all the steps and the expert still has issues, contact support for a prompt resolution.

Download Metatrader 4 capital management robot.

Robot capital management” and “capital management expert” titles are used interchangeably in financial trading terminology. These types of software are programmed to assist traders in optimizing capital management and controlling transaction risks.

If you’re looking to download the MetaTrader 4 capital management robot, Expert Raise Group can be very helpful to you. Because it is made for MetaTrader 4 in the best possible way and is very helpful to people in trading. Go to the end of the page for the download and select the panel duration you want.

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